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Community Guidelines

We think our community is pretty special. And we want to keep it that way! When you join, you agree to adhere to a few guidelines:


Be kind. Be human.

Sometimes when we can’t see the people behind the computer screens, we all need a little reminder: we’re human, and we’re all in this together. Being rude, disrespectful, intolerant or downright mean will not be tolerated. Don’t do it.


Engage & be helpful.

By joining this community, you are committing to being an active member. Engage with others, be helpful and provide advice where you can. (Hint, we promise this will result in more input when you do need advice from the group!)


Weekday support only.

While we understand that your online business may be 24/7, we only provide support for the community on weekdays.


Ditch the self-promotion.

While we all want to hear what you are working on, this community is not a place for personal or business promotion, advertising your organization, or spamming the group with a stream of marketing posts.


Bixa's role in the community.

We created this community to help like-minded entrepreneurs connect, share their online obstacles, and learn from each other’s wins and struggles. While we’d love to provide 1:1 personalized advice, we cannot do it for everyone, especially for free. (We are a business after all!) That being said, we’ll do our best to answer common questions, share useful insights, and support you how and when we can.

Your membership in our community is contingent upon following these basic ground rules. If you can’t adhere to them, you will receive a one warning and then you will be removed from the group. Lastly, you should know that all of the terms and conditions that apply here on also apply to our private community on Facebook.

Where should we send your invitation?

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