Content Development Tips

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Supercharge Your Inbound Marketing With Videos

Your business operates within an attention economy – you’re constantly vying for your audience’s attention. There is increasingly more pressure to capture attention spans and keep eyes engaged. How do you encourage engagement? Videos are one of the best ways to...

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Who Cares If I Have A Good Website?

Many old, traditional, brick-and-mortar companies are wondering, “Why do I need a website? I’ve done just fine without one all these years!” But the truth is, very few companies today can succeed without an appealing, user-friendly, and well-constructed webpage. With...

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Going Viral

Going viral is sometimes felt to be the holy grail of Internet marketing. You’ve probably heard this term in reference to trending music videos or advertisements, such as Gangam Style or Old Spice. Getting something to go viral has become the aim of many advertisers....

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Facebook Video Ads: What You Need To Know

If you already feel overwhelmed by advertising across the web, you’re not going to like the latest update Facebook has in store. However, if your business currently advertises on the popular social network, Facebook’s new feature may have a dramatic impact on your...

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Why Videos Improve Your Website

A picture is worth 1,000 words, but what about a video? According to one study, one minute of video is worth 1.8 million words.1 Can you imagine taking the time to write that many words on your website? That’s the equivalent of 3,600 web pages! Video is so powerful...

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A New Stimulus Package for Small Businesses

Do you know how to hypnotize your customers? The first line in your sales letter, the “Subject” line in your email, the title of your blog post, and the first line in your ad campaign has to grab them by the eyeballs and entertain, fascinate, educate or create...

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