In our current series, I interview the owners of 4 very different photography businesses and we dive deep into their marketing.

Today’s episode is the first of that series and I kick it off with Sierra Campbell, a newborn photographer based in Orange County, California.

Listen out for the smart referral partnership Sierra cultivated early on in her business, that has resulted in ongoing new clients.

Also pay attention to other critical choices that set her up for marketing success, like narrowing in on newborn photography, increasing her pricing and having a crystalized process from client intake to delivering a stellar final outcome.

“I’m not a high-volume photographer. I would lose the love for it. I’m a low-volume, high-quality photographer.” – Sierra Campbell


2:18: Sierra talks about the journey she’s taken as a photographer, leading her to specialize in newborn photography.

4:51: The first time Sierra photographed a newborn.

6:11: All the additional skills that are required to be a great newborn photographer.

8:16: The great customer lifetime value that’s naturally built into Sierra’s services.

10:57: Sierra’s “why” and how she started her photography business 15 years ago.

14:20: How Sierra balances her booking schedule which can be hard to predict due to changing birth dates.

16:45: The smart way Sierra positions her services and pricing in the market, which gives her a more sustainable business model.

18:18: The holy grail of partnerships for newborn photographers, that Sierra secured & has propelled her business growth.

21:30: Why Sierra does everything she can to nurture her strategic partnership.

23:53: The role “word of mouth” referrals play in Sierra’s business.

24:10: The seriousness of Sierra’s job and the services she provides, especially during the pandemic…and how she reassures clients.

25:25: The one source of new clients that isn’t coming from already-existing relationships Sierra has.

27:04: Why Facebook is not a great lead source for Sierra.

28:20: The one type of Instagram post that has had a positive impact on Sierra’s business.

31:00: How having a precise workflow during a shoot helps Sierra deliver a stellar final product.

34:19: Sierra’s evolving relationship with being “bossy”.

37:04: How Sierra’s come to be ok with not being the right fit for everyone and now qualifies her leads.

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