If Facebook were a country, it would have the 3rd largest population in the world, but where would it stand economically? While the number of users among social media giants continues to rise, their economic viability is not necessarily proportional. In fact, numerous networks do not even generate revenue at all! In this infographic, we explore how various social networks would line up in comparison to countries around the world in terms of population, GDP (revenue) and GDP per capita (revenue per employee).

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1. All social media financial data from 2012 reported numbers, with the exception of Google+, which comes from estimates on the web. Keep in mind that all of these social networks have grown since the end of 2012.

2. GDP and population numbers aren’t collected for every country on a yearly basis. The numbers provided above come from varying years between 2005-2013.

3. While YouTube is a formidable force, we did not include it in our infographic as all data found was based on estimations and not exact.

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